Effily Co.,Ltd. (the Company), which develops XSelly and provides related services (the Services), set forth this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) with regard to treatment of users’ information as follows

Data Storage and Usage

The Company is committed to protecting user’s personal and generated information. For a user to use the Services and for the Company to be able to operate the Services functionally, we may collect the following information includes:

  1. Users’ Personal Information: We may collect name, email, birthdate and other information retrieved from using the Services or social network e.g. Facebook to facilitate account registration and service usage. We may use your email to notify important, marketing or promotional information in which you may choose to unsubscribe.
  2. User generated information: During using the Services, you may generate data i.e. store name, product inventory and order information. We reserve the right to collect, display, modify, duplicate, sell or use this information for the usage of the Services as well as marketing and promotional purposes. You agree that the Company owns the right to use such information and holds no responsibility to any copyright infringement for the content that you provide.
  3. Log and activity information: In order to improve our services, we may collection usage statistics i.e. IP address, device information and time of usage.

Provision of Users’ Information to Third Parties

  1. Business partners and subsidiaries: The Company may authorize such third parties to handle the information in whole or in part to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of the use.
  2. Merger and acquisition: In case of merger or acquisition, the information could be shared as part of business transfer.
  3. Investigation: We reserve the right to use or provide the information for investigation if we genuinely believe that there is misconduct or wrongdoing in using our services or if the Company is required by the related Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations.

Deletion of Contents

Users may request to delete their personal information by emailing us at support@xselly.com, call +66971671650 or LINE: @XSelly


We follow industry standards to keep the system, data transmission and data storage secured. However, as the system is being accessible from the internet, there is no way to 100% guarantee of no security incident. Therefore the Company reserves the right to deny any responsibility in case of data bleach or theft.

Privacy Policy Update

To best-suit the current situation, the Policy could be updated at any time. If it occurs, you may get the latest update on this page. The update shall be reflected on this page at least 24 hours prior to it becoming effective.